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iFriends is one of the fastest growing and largest online web conferencing communities. It is ranked by an audience-metric service like those used for Nielsen ratings and Ranking.com puts it in the top 200 sites on the internet. iFriends was originally launched on Valentine's Day in 1998 as a video site focused on matchmaking services and online dating and chat communities. Since then it has grown to almost 12 million users worldwide with users from over 100 different countries.

iFriends offers many elements uncommon to traditional online dating sites such as:

  • Web Conferencing
  • Personal Broadcasting
  • Broadband Multimedia Streaming
  • E-Commerce
  • Audio-Streaming

Everyone from personal individuals to Fortune 500 companies use iFriends with nothing more than a web cam equipped to their personal computers. However, iFriends.com isn't just for professionals that have a desire to cash in on their expertise, but for personal users as well. Everyone from web cam models to the everyday regular user can be found here and all of them are taking advantage of the many free benefits of membership in this community.

An iFriends.com review may be found just about anywhere on the world wide web. In depth reviews unveil a website that is an extraordinary opportunity for meeting people online. Options entail supportive blogs, video chatting, text chatting, and web forum discussions. iFriends.com  members are welcome to display their photos, fill in their profiles and search for like-minded browsers who have similar interests. Social intercourse is encouraged and most community members find themselves becoming more comfortable after hearing more about the fantasies others have enjoyed onsite.

Loads of unique, respectful and compatible website viewers will be found here that can begin an agreeable interconnection as a chat buddy, needed friend or that super someone special. iFriends.com encourages all viewers to take the time to peruse through the users profiles and make use of the available onsite tools and filters to hone their browsing technique. What they discover there will be just what an individual is searching for. Explore onsite videos, want ads and personal photo albums to get more in tune with intended partners. Use inbox, chatrooms or forums to broadcast your hopes for any personal encounter opportunities you may come across.

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