Cougars dating have been criticized by many people till date, as dating men, who are even younger than their own sons, was never appreciable. This age difference is the main reason for society to think, whether the cougar relationship can last longer. Further, there is another question, which people keep on asking that even if younger men have so much of hot young ladies to choose from, why they opt for dating an older woman? As an answer to all these questions, experts have come with answer, though it is really hard for others to believe, what they have interpret about cougar dating.

The term cougar itself have earned criticism for these ladies. However, according to the experts, the term represents, a positive and powerful personality of a woman, which actually works well attract young men to engage themselves in cougar dating. The word "cougar" symbolizes a wild cat, which has powerful and attracting features, like, power, beauty and accomplishment. Now, Think and tell me the reason, how a man can resist himself from the bunch of these strong traits?

More often, even the age of a cougar woman is mostly to be over 50 and the attracted young men, who are known as cubs do not mind dating an older woman. From the point of attraction, the subsequent setup becomes really interesting to follow. To be honest, there are several strong reasons, why someone will be interested in enjoying cougar dating, even though there are chances of getting criticism from the public.

The best known and the most common reason given by experts for men to date a cougar woman is the cougar woman's self-confidence, which she knows is enough to make her man madly attracted to her. It is a tendency of men to be attracted by such self-confidence and this is the most primary reason, why cougar dating is still existing and very popular. Yet, another reason for men to be attracted towards a cougar woman is the independent attitude, which she shows around, not just in her, but even towards the cougar relationship. The approach behind a cougar woman is predatory and she remains adaptive in case of flirting and providing major attractive turns in younger men’s life. Here, we do not have considered the intimate experience of cougar women, which can give her few better attractive qualities in her.

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04 Jun 2012, 07:06:14 am by Sweety Tenager Tom says:

Ahhhh…….. recalling my days that I spent with her. She was full of life and sexually more active than I am. Thanks to the section of PlayCougar review. I really found her here for true sexxxxxxxxx…..

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