How to flirt with woman – Simple tips

May 15th, 2012 | admin

28 How to flirt with woman   Simple tipsSo you think that flirting with woman is an easy thing to do? For men who wish to learn how to flirt with woman, the following article will be a great help. Those men who are looking for important tips on flirting with women can easily get them online by searching for how to flirt online, but the question is, are these tips fit for real life?

Everyone knows that things are very different in real life, and learning how to flirt dating is usually a trivial experience. For women, it is easy to learn how to flirt with man because men are easily to manipulate. However, for men, it’s different. Here are a few tips for men who are looking for online flirting tips:

When it comes to women, compliments work like a charm. There are a number of different compliments that you can give to a woman, and trust me when I say this, all of them will do wonders on her. Just do not over do it, because it will begin to look fake to her. Whenever you are talking or giving her a compliment, make sure that you look her in the eyes, as that helps a lot. Even when you are just talking to her, always look her in the eye. Also, don’t say stuff that can get dirty with women. The comments you make should be polite and decent, and ones that just ‘touch the surface’. Say something that leaves her wondering about whether you are the special one or not.
It is also important that you break the touch barrier, because women generally expect the man to take the first initiative. A gentle touch on the hand will do.

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