How to flirt with man – What you should know

May 15th, 2012 | admin

25 How to flirt with man   What you should knowFlirting with a man is not the easiest of things for many women. Learning how to flirt with man is simple and not very difficult once you learn the rules of flirting, which will be described below. Men who learn how to flirt with woman will find it a bit more of a challenge, because flirt dating is something quite different.

There are proper guides you can find online on how to flirt dating and how to flirt online, but those are usually poorly researched. Here are a few tips about dating on the internet:

When it comes to flirting with a man, your attitude plays a major role. Wear something that makes you feel flirtatious. By this, what I mean is that you should wear something that makes you feel good and confident about yourself. If you are nervous, you will not be able to flirt at all. Always be playful and cheerful around the guy if you are in a flirtatious mood. Do not worry about how you look to him or what he might be thinking of you.

Be cool, and say what you feel like. Importantly, if you are thinking of taking the first step, do not hesitate. Break the touch barrier as early as you can if you want to start flirting. Just touch him lightly on the hand or on his face and let him follow through, and then, make use of positive body language in order to let the guy know that you are in the mood for some flirting. Also, compliments play a major part in making the guy feel good, so don’t forget to compliment him.

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