Dating advice – Few things you should know

May 4th, 2012 | admin

1 Dating advice   Few things you should knowMen look for dating advice from wherever they can get. Dating women is not the easiest of things for all men, as is popular belief. In the shortest of descriptions, dating is an art. It is an art that once mastered, can make you the most desirable man in many a woman’s life. Also, what about online dating advice? Is it worth it? Some people believe that to date hot women, you need to be good looking too, but are looks the only important thing that many women look here? Here are a few dating tips that you won’t get on any free dating advice site.

Women are not really a mystery to solve. Obviously, when you meet a girl for the first time, you can’t really find out everything about her; what she likes and dislikes. However, what you can do is make an impression. When you invite a woman for a date, make sure that the place you choose is good enough. Dating in a pizzeria is not really the best way to kick things off. Choose a classy place, and make sure you dress properly.

If you are looking for first date advice, the safest option would be to go formal. Wear a shirt, and if you feel like it, a suit will do great. Remember, women love men who are well mannered and polite, so put on your best manners. Take the chair out for her to sit down, and rather than letting her place the order, ask her what she wants and then give the order. Such minute things go a long way in making the best impression. Also, make sure you drive/ walk her home. Check the net for advice for dating online.

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