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Dating advice for women
by Dating Advice at DatingNice

2 Dating advice for womenEven though many women think that they have an easier say when it comes to dating, there are certain points that they must consider which are equally as important. Looking to find the best man for yourself and make sure that you create a good impression on him?

Dating advice – Few things you should know
by Dating Advice at DatingNice

1 Dating advice   Few things you should knowMen look for dating advice from wherever they can get. Dating women is not the easiest of things for all men, as is popular belief. In the shortest of descriptions, dating is an art. It is an art that once mastered, can make you the most desirable man in many a woman’s life. Also, what about online dating advice? Is it worth it? Some people believe that to date hot women, you need to be good looking too, but are looks the only important thing that many women look here? Here are a few dating tips that you won’t get on any free dating advice site.

How to maintain a long-distance relationship
by Dating Advice at DatingNice

3 How to maintain a long distance relationshipOne of the greatest benefits of the internet is that it allows us to communicate directly with each other, in real time, face to face. With a few key presses, we can see and hear another person, even on the other side of the world, and chat to them as easily as if we were in the same room. And when we’re away from our computers, we can talk to anyone, anytime on our mobile phones.

Confidence boosting
by Dating Advice at DatingNice

2 Confidence boostingNo-one in this world is born 100% confident. We are all human and we all experience times of uncertainty, self-doubt, and let’s face it, fear.
Feeling uncomfortable in social situations is extremely common and can range from a slight sense of awkwardness to anxiety to outright panic. If you feel that you lack confidence – to any degree - just knowing that you are not alone can be a huge first step toward resolving your confidence issues.

Battling Internet Dating Scams
by Dating Advice at DatingNice

1 Battling Internet Dating Scams

While the majority of people who sign up to internet dating websites are genuinely looking for fun, love, flirting and friendship, there are unfortunately an ever-increasing number of scam artists who are attempting to cash in on this trend in modern dating.
Any kind of scam is reprehensible, but there is something particularly sadistic and cruel about someone who takes advantage of another person’s trust, affection, and desire for intimacy, for his or her own financial gain.
How not to approach women
by Dating Advice at DatingNice

6.11 How not to approach womenEven in this supposedly enlightened era of ours, the rules of dating remain unchanged in many respects. While a woman can openly signal her interest in a guy in a multitude of ways, it is still assumed that, more often than not, it is the guy who will make the first definite move.
If you are a woman who has never walked up to a totally strange man and tried to start a conversation from zero, you may not realize how completely nerve-wracking the experience can be. On the other hand, to all you guys out there: have you ever tried viewing your ‘pick-up’ activities from a woman’s perspective? It could help you get a bead on what’s fun and flattering for a woman, or what’s a total turn-off.

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