How to flirt with woman – men’s basic guide

May 15th, 2012 | admin

30 How to flirt with woman   men’s basic guideSo, you are a man whose thinking of learning how to flirt with woman? Are you coming on the back of a bad experience? You should know that for women, understanding how to flirt with man is easy and quite simple because men are easily flattered.

You can easily learn how to flirt online, but not all of the advices you get are true. How to flirt dating tips are available in abundance online, but our expert tips will help you in getting a better flirting experience online. Here are a few important dating tips:

Whenever you think about flirting with a woman, the most important thing is your body language. Nervous men find it impossible to flirt with women, because they tend to stutter or look nervous, and that can spoil the fun. If you want to flirt with her, you must learn to be playful and cheerful. Women love men who can take control, so take the first step. Touch her on the hand, or her face and let her know how pretty she is.

Women love compliments, regardless of how they are, so if you have to give a simple compliment, you can start off with how beautiful the dress she’s wearing looks on her. When walking, hold her by the waist. Placing your hand on her waist is a great way by which you can let her know that you feel good with her, and that you wish to be protective towards her. Sassy comments that are fun are highly appreciated, and so is humor of literally all kinds. Make her smile and laugh as much as you can, and she will feel good with you.

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